Selling Tips

These are a few tips I have seen that have helped sellers make their home top quaility. Buyers always ask me the same question at the end of and inspection "So, what do you think of it?" It's easy to say it's a nice home, but when people do the following,  nice becomes great and there are reasons. Good luck, Sellers!!!

Get rid of the clutter. Buyers that walk into a cluttered house will automatically assume you don't have enough storage space. Get boxes, pack up all the clutter and store it at a friend's house or at rental storage. A cluttered house will not show well, because all buyers will see is the clutter, not the floor plan or your great tile job. Don't just throw it into the garage either, because they will look there, too.


Clean, clean, clean. Hire a house cleaner service if you have to, but get that home sparkling, especially your bathroom and kitchen. Clean grout, scrub floors, shine faucets, clean the oven, etc. etc. And dust! Get under that furniture and get rid of dust bunnies. People will look under, around, and inside of all parts of your house.


Fix it. We all have little jobs around our house that we put off doing until we have no choice. However, buyers will automatically see the dollar signs for the work they have to do that you failed to complete. Your offer amount will go down. Look things over, paint, fix the leaky faucet, but get those repairs all done.


Think beige. You may love your purple bedroom and navy living room walls, but chances are buyers won't love it. Buy paint and think shades of beige or white. Make it neutral so buyers can imagine their furniture in your home.


Look at your house from the street. Are your flowerbeds overgrown? Shrubs need trimming? Peeling paint? Cracks in the sidewalk? Plant flowers, pull weeds, put out fresh mulch, prune trees, make the outside look inviting, so buyers will give your curb appeal a passing grade. Make sure the front door has a fresh coat of paint.


Highlight the special things about your house. Do you have great built-in bookcases? Then paint them white. A great stone fireplace? Arrange your furniture to focus there. Fabulous tile in the kitchen? Clean off those counters and make it shine. A great view? Open those windows. Let buyers see what is special about your home.


Make your backyard into a haven. If you have an outdoor space, such as a deck or patio, make it a great living space. Put plants, a great furniture arrangement that calls the buyer to have their morning coffee or backyard barbeque there. Outdoor spaces that are tastefully decorated will be considered like an extra room to a prospective buyer.


Light that fireplace. According to realtors, a fireplace is the most requested item in a home. If you are lucky enough to have one, make sure you have it burning when a seller comes by. Call attention to the fireplace by the use of carefully chosen artwork. Don't use a small picture over a large fireplace. Think about scale.


Make it fit. Large rooms can handle large furniture. Smaller rooms need smaller furniture. High ceilings cry out for taller furniture.


Go to other open houses in your neighborhood and see what your competition is doing to make their house inviting. If they have a great kitchen, go home and play yours up by adding a tile backsplash or new flooring. Most buyers look at more than one house in a neighborhood and you want your house to stand out above the rest.


Clean out the closets and cupboards. A closet that is stuffed looks small and cramped. Make your storage areas look neat and roomy.


Open the curtains. A dark room will not be inviting. If your home is being shown at night, turn on your lamps in the living room, leave on the lights in the bathroom and kitchen. Think LIGHT, and Serenity!

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